The Tide to Sink the Summit

by Burn The Army

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Instruments recorded in June of 2013 in Vibes Music, Indianapolis, IN
Vocals at Joel's house
additional vocals in Vibes


released October 21, 2014

engineering, mix, and master-Joel Lauver

additional vocals recorded by-Taylor Kincaid



all rights reserved


Burn The Army Indianapolis, Indiana

If there had been music playing as Greek Gods battled the fearsome Titans
on Olympus, I'm certain it would've sounded just like Burn the Army's recent
full-length effort, 'The Tide to Sink the Summit'. This power-trio, hailing
from Indianapolis, crafts their own brand of stoner-metal with a flair for massive
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Track Name: I.Sky
I will smash my fist upon the skull of your now fallen father burn the army bury them all show them no mercy I am the earth ender the wave that crashes down to suffocate the masses to uphold the crown/ swallow them all save your throne/ in gold you hang until the purging I'm finding you alone my shadow is crawling for you break my teeth upon these bones my shadow is crawling for you now IT SUROUNDS YOU
Track Name: II.SEA
Is this the face that overturns 1000 ships your body washed up and trembling creature of swine tusks and golden wings I float to see but I'm burning now I'm sinking is this the face that overturned 1000 ships/ you'd better hold your tongue for your family's sake if you've suffered as have you would know your place creature/ I will leave you women on your knees to die I will leave you women with watchful stone cold eyes. hold the gate this wait is only yours this burden bares no ties: enter hell.
you'll find your function when your white flag ascends/ the plunge deep below the sea farther down you send your enemy/ submerge raising tide sail away
Track Name: VI.End
beneath you a fiery grave of absolute darkness they'll fear you flesh and bone bring power to your arms I see you you're hanging by a thread over absolute decay with regret I send you under the brightest son does not know the burn of this realm you've earned your pride spoke when your allegiance broke now you are rebuke/ you'll beg for water all unanswered cried send the hounds/ this blood is on your hands picked clean your finger nails I cast you down a stone this wasteland is your home I'll eat your body I'll eat your soul devour you whole/ brother you see what no man sees you speak in tongues that wise men shouldn't speak in the end thats why I send you away thats why I send you below to your eternal grave your conceit has betrayed your only family I resign to wait in pain to the failing of your fame/settle yourself in you will never escape go with stride this is the end OVATION